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Do these devices make sound on their own?

No they don’t, they are MIDI controllers! They are used to control a software in a computer or other instruments like synthesizers, drum machines and workstations.

Can I control hardware instruments with these devices?

Yes you can! That’s what MIDI was originally intended for ;). You can control any instruments that will accept MIDI Messages such as CC, Notes, Program Change, Pitch Bend, NRPN and/or RPN. If your instrument only understands SysEx (System Exclusive) messages then, for now, it won’t work. We recommend looking at the manufacturer’s manual for your specific hardware, inside you will find a section called “MIDI Implementation” or “MIDI Mapping” where you will find how your device will react to different MIDI messages.

Can I control software with these devices?

You bet, you can control any software that accepts MIDI or Keystrokes :). The vast majority of the music software in the industry is MIDI compatible. Some of the most used are: Ableton Live, Reason, Traktor, Resolume, Touch Designer, Serato, Kontakt, PureData, Max/MSP, Modul8, etc. If you are unsure about how the MIDI Implementation for your software works, we recommend looking at specific tutorials on youtube, and the developer’s documentation.

Are these devices compatible with "X"?

Our controllers can send MIDI messages as Notes, CCs, Program Change, Pitch Bend, NRPN and RPN. If what you wish to control can understand these messages, you will be ok to go. Even if your device or software needs specific MIDI messages (among the ones listed) you can use Kilowhat to reconfigure your controller as you please, at any time.

Can I change the messages the device sends?

Yes! We made Kilowhat specifically for this. Kilowhat is a web-based configuration tool with which you will be able to change your controller’s output and input messages whenever you want. This means you can control which messages sends each of your device’s controls, different LED feedback modes, and up to 8 different configuration banks.

Can I add/change the code inside the device?

Yes, and please do so. You can edit, remix, and share the code. All the code we made and the libraries we use for our main board, the Kilomux, are open source and you can find them in our Gitlab. You can use whichever code editor you want, and then compile it with the Arduino IDE. You will export the binary and select “Upload firmware from file” in the Kilowhat menu to update it. After the launch of the V2 we will work in optimizing its documentation and share it with our community so anyone can access it and work with it. If you are a developer, we invite you to our forum to share experiences about mods and hacks you work on.

Can I use more than one controller at the same time?

You can use as many as USB ports you have available. If your computer doesn’t have enough USB ports for your ten controllers (you bought 10 controllers??) you should use a self-powered USB hub.

Do I need a power supply?

V2 controllers have two power modes. Low power mode (using only USB) and high power mode (using a power supply). If the controllers detect a power supply it will automatically switch to high power mode, if not, they will set themselves to work in low power mode. The low power mode is fully functional with dimmed LED feedback.


Will the controller work powered only by USB?

It will work in low power mode, which means that you will be able to be completely functional but the LED feedback intensity will be limited.

Do I need drivers for my computer?

Nope, they are USB class-compliant, driverless. You don’t need drivers for any of the opearating systems, it will even work on mobile devices.

Is the controller compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android?


Why do I see an HID device and a MIDI device simultaneously in my computer?

These controllers can send MIDI messages and keystroke events as well. So your computer will see the controller as two different devices.

Do I need to connect the controller to the computer to make it work?

Not necessarily, you can use them to control compatible hardware. Just plug the power supply and connect either the MIDI or USB cables to the device you want to interact with and you are done. This allows you to control synthesizers, drum machins, workstations, etc.


Technical specifications

  • Conectivity

    • MIDI USB (Plug and play) with USB A (computer side) and B (controller side)

    • DIN 5 (IN/OUT/THRU)

  • Power supply requirements

    • Low power mode with USB

    • High power mode with 5V / 3A /2mm external power supply.

  • Weight and dimensions (the height and weight depend on which elements you choose in your desing) width x length x height – Approx. weight

    • Small case: 240 mm x 210 mm x 34 mm – 1.3 kgs

    • Medium case: 310 mm x 240 mm x 34 mm – 2 kgs

    • Big case: 450 mm x 345 mm x 34 mm – 4 kgs

Quick Specs

  • 2mm Aluminium front panel. Fully customizable layout printing.

  • Handmade Lenga wooden box made in Patagonia.

  • High quality components, all of them with metal shafts.

  • A beautiful soft flight-case included in every controller.

  • Full RGB LED feedback.

  • Future proof, ready for MIDI 2.0.

Framework capabilities

Our framework supports a specific number of elements. Each element comes with a certain number of components (mostly 4 but not always). In the table below you can see the supported number of each type of element.

  • Encoders: Max Nº of elements: 8 (or 32 total encoders)

  • Analogs: Max. Nº of elements: 16 (or 64 total analog controls)

  • Digitals: Max Nº of elements: 8 (or 256 total digital controls)

  • Feedback: Max Nº of elements: 8. (not yet available)

FACTORY: Custom controller design +

What is the Factory?

The Factory is a web app in which you can functionally and aesthetically your own MIDI controller, view all our available elements, get a real time quote and purchase a model you or someone else designed.

Where can I find a tutorial or a 'How To'?

You can find help and useful links inside the Factory. Also you can ask us for help using our chat tool on this site, or check out our youtube channel for video resources.

Can I buy a controller that I did not design?

Sure thing. To view the available models, take a look at our Shop. There you can find the modes Yaeltex designed and also the ones that other people designed and bought and chose to share with the community.

I designed and bought a controller, can other people buy the same model?

Once you design and buy your custom controller, you will have the option at checkout to let other people buy or remix it. If you choose to share it, you will be credited as the original designer, and people will be able to buy it as it is, or make modifications to it. If you choose not to share it, you will have a unique controller with the name you choose for it, but somenone may be able to make the same functional design (the arrangement of elements) and buy it with a different name.

KILOWHAT: Web based configuration tool +

What can I configure in my controller?

Kilowhat is a powerful tool that allows you to change the operation and behavior of your Yaeltex controllers, as many times as you want.

Among other stuff, you can:

  • Add up to 8 configuration banks for your controller.

  • Set individual output and input ports for each control. This means you can separate messages to go out via USB, DIN connector or both, and set each control’s feedback to respond to local events, or incoming via USB and/or DIN messages. Also, you can set each control’s MIDI channel independently.

  • Configure complex actions for some of the controls like double CC, bank shifters, fine adjust, double click, alternative messages and so on.

  • Configure messages for each control individually: Notes, CC, Program Change, Pitch Bend, NRPN, RPN or Keystrokes.

  • Set the LED feedback colour for each component that allows it (like rotary encoders, encoder switches, arcade and rubber buttons)

  • Save and load your configuration to and form your desktop (json format) and load default configurations from the cloud, or from your controller.

  • Automatically detect and update your firmware, or load a previous firmware version.

Where can I find Kilowhat's User Manual?


About IP (intellectual property)

The users are able to design their own custom controller through the «Factory» and Yaeltex’s on-demand manufacturing service. The intellectual property of the custom controller design belongs exclusively to YAELTEX. The client can choose not to share their controller’s design for other users, which will prevent us from publishing it in our Shop, but it may be replicated as it was designed or with aesthetic and functional modifications, always with a different name.

Yaeltex encourages innovation and a community of designers of expressive technologies. We commit to credit our community in our social media posts and product portfolios.

VERY IMPORTANT: The use of patented logos, copyrighted images and/or trademarks in the design of the controllers is not allowed. The client is responsible for any copyrighted content present in the design.

If you want to know more, please visit our Terms and Conditions page in this site.



The controller comes with one (1) year limited warranty for manufacturing defects, starting from the date of the original purchase. This warranty is transferable to other owners in case the controller is resold during the warranty period.

To know more about this, check our Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions.

Technical Support

If your controller needs reparation you can send it to one of our tech support points. We have one in Buenos Aires, Argentina and one in Barcelona, Spain.

To start your diagnostic and repair process, please send us an email to soporte (ad)


How can I pay for my controller?

At checkout you will be able to choose from the available payment methods:

  • PayPal. You don’t need to have an account, you can pay with your credit card.

  • Cash, deposit or wire transfer (only for Argentina)

Are import taxes included?

No, the customer must pay for the import taxes.

Each country has different tax policies and it varies, please check with your local authorities to get more info.

We add this HS code to each shipment  9207.90.008000.

What are the shipping methods available?

We ship worldwide through FedEx.

We estimate 60 business days for the fabrication of your controller. Once is ready we ship the product right away.

Here is the estimated times for the different shipment options:

Priority worldwide: 3-4 working days

Express worldwide: 7-10 working days

A small-size controller to US/EU will cost aroundU$ 40+.

A mid-size controller to the US/EU will cost around U$ 50-65.

A large-size controller to the US/EU will cost around U$ 75-90.