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Yaeltex is a work, research, and development collective focused on the intersection and the relationship between humans and machines.

Our first experiences in the development of MIDI controllers began around 2009, and since then we have participated in numerous projects crossed by the need to explore new and different ways of artistic expression in technological fields. We held training workshops, actively participated in meetings of artistic and creative communities, provided technical advice to artists, and formed part of interdisciplinary teams for the development of works and shows. In 2016 we formed the nucleus of people that until today makes up our team and we decided to launch ourselves towards the production of hardware as our main activity, in our own way.

We are especially motivated by the liberating experience of creating our own hardware and we seek to share this experience with more people. We believe that technological manufacture can be an activity that moves away from current productive ideas such as programmed obsolescence, irreparability, or excess production.

We choose to create pieces once they are already desired by someone, to do it with durable materials, betting on quality, durability, and environmental responsibility. Being part of several wonderful communities, we seek to foster collaboration and collective creation among people who hold the idea that knowledge must be shared.