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Yaeltex Universal Remote Script
The Ableton integration for your custom controller

Coded by amounra

Take deep control over clips, scenes, volumes, pans, devices, transport, sends, and more. No mapping needed!

URS main features

Live 10 and 11 compatible

Clip launcher Box

Set your clip box to anything up to a size up to 16x8. Full color feedback of the clip state.

Vu meters

Get vu-meter activity from midi and audio tracks on your encoders rings.


Launch scenes, full color feedback of the state.

Selected track devices

Dynamic control. Use only a few elements to manipulate device parameters of the selected track.

Specific track Devices

Control device parameters on specific tracks so you have all parameters available at all times, no matter what track is selected.


Control 8 (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H) sends per track, up to 16 tracks, for a total of 128 sends.

Other features

Mute Tracks



Solo Tracks

Cue Volume


Arm Tracks

Master Volume


Select Tracks

All Clips Stop


Volume Tracks

Return Volume

Clip Stop

Pan Tracks

Tap Tempo