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Jammer + Conductor

by Sebastian Mullaert


The two custom controller combo designed by producer and live performer Sebastian Mullaert, where he manifests his own creative playground: a musical space with solid ground and endless improvisation. By purchasing them as a combo, you get a discount.

  • Two horizontal big cases
  • 52 Endless encoders (total)
  • 84 Potentiometers (total)
  • 24 45mm faders (total)
  • 96 RGB Mini buttons (total)
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ABOUT Jammer + Conductor

Sebastian Mullaert’s creative process is based on the expression of improvisation. After many years making and performing music, his live and studio workflows are, in his own words, pretty much the same process. Both are divided into two main parts: the sketch and the improvisation. These two main parts of his musical playground were manifested into two custom Yaeltex controllers: the Conductor and the Jammer.

Artwork by Kristofer Ström (aka Ljudbilden & Piloten)

With the purchase of these controllers, you get access to an exclusive Ableton Live 11 template made by Sebastian, where you can use them exactly the way he designed them to be used. It includes his music, clips, and instruments.

Note: This product contains both the ‘Jammer’ and ‘Conductor’ models as a combo, with a discount. If you are looking for spare models you can can click here for the Jammer, and here for the Conductor.

Jammer + Conductor


  • Hackable and Open source firmware
  • Handmade wood case
  • 2 mm aluminum front panel
  • USB MIDI (Plug and Play/Class Compliant)
  • Reprogrammable

Jammer + Conductor

  • Ableton Live Template by Sebastian Mullaert
  • Softcase
  • USB cable
  • 1 year warranty

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